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We are resident/property owners, weekend warriors, seasonal

renters, and lessees of property adjacent to the Averill Lakes in the

Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

We are anglers, bikers, boaters, hikers, hunters, kayakers,

paddleboarders, naturalists, photographers, sailers, skiers, swimmers,

and other stakeholders passionate about the quality and health of our

lakes, streams, land, and life.


Promote the principles of conservation and preservation of the plant and wildlife

of the area.


Encourage ecology and public education in the principles of conservation,

preservation, and restoration.


Celebrate responsible and safe recreational sports.


Maintain an active and helpful interest in the passage and enforcement of state

legislation wherein our interests are evident. 

Work toward the prevention of the destruction of property.

Cooperate with non-member landowners in order to promote better understanding

between them and the Association. 

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