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1/21/22 - VT Department of Environmental Conservation Commits to Sensor Buoy on Little Averill

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

On January 21st, 2022 Bernie Gracy and Don Tase of the ALA met with Kellie Merrell and Dr, Leslie Matthews - Environmental Scientists focused on inland Lake Monitoring at the DEC division of Lakes and Ponds; Mark Mitchell who is responsible for Lake Assessment and the Lay Monitoring Program Coordinator; Blaine Hastings, a Hydrologist at the DEC, Dr. Jonathan Kim from the VT Geological Survey, and Ben Copans - Watershed Coordinator. Among a number of areas of cooperation and collaboration the VT DEC committed to place a sensor buoy in Little Averill that will record dissolved oxygen, temperature and water level every hour. This buoy will be kept at the surface so as not to snag any fishing lures. We look forward to publishing the data from this buoy on this ALA website. Stay tuned for more informaton

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